Do I need the Python Software as well as Panda3D installed?

Hi, I’m a brand new ‘Noobie’.

I’m a 3D artist who has no programming knowledge at all.

I’ve just installed Panda3D and completed the first tutorial (making the panda model walk across a grassy scene). I’m really pleased with myself and now wish to learn more.

So I followed your links to the Python programming tutorials. But they all say, that before I can begin to learn programming with Python, that I must first download and install the ‘Python Software’ from

I’m just wondering if this is necessary, or is the Python Software already included with the Panda3D installation?


Witchetty, Python should already be installed with Panda 1.0.3.

You can either start the interpreter by using Start -> Run and type ppython or find the Panda 1.0.3 folder, locate the python icon there and double click.

Wow! Thankyou for the quick reply. Yes, double clicking on the python.exe worked just fine. Thanks again.

Glad it worked for you.