Do i need a graphics card to run panda3d?I

I was trying to run the sample “asteroids” but this error message came up:
delete it
i did some research and found it was related to graphics card. Do i need to have one because i dont?If no, how do i fix this error?

As noted in the error, you can try to use the software renderer. This can be done by editing your “.prc” file to have the entry “load-display p3tinydisplay” (with any other “load-display” line commented out), I believe.

That said… software rendering can be very slow indeed, if I’m not much mistaken. Unless you’re making something extremely simple, you may find that a lack of a graphics card is a significant impediment.

Okay thanks helped a lot

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You need a GPU to get hardware acceleration. Virtually every computer has a GPU. It doesn’t need to be a separate graphics card, but it can be integrated into the chip, as is the case for Intel processors.

Can you tell me what kind of computer you have? You likely simply have to install the correct drivers.

I don’t recommend using tinydisplay unless there is no other alternative. It is very limited. I would rather try to find out how to install the correct drivers, so that you can use Panda3D at full performance and capabilities.

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