DLL load failed when importing panda3d.physx

I thought I was all clear after trying all sort of samples in the sample directory.

But when i tried to run some python scripts requiring physx I got this message.

Does it means I have a separate package to install ? If yes, where are the related manual pages? (the manual only cites ODE and Bullet…)

Which version of Panda3D are you using? Which operating system? Which build did you install? Did you install the PhysX System Software?

Note that the version of PhysX that Panda3D uses is 2.8.4, which has been superseded and is no longer supported by NVIDIA.

Most likely you ar emissing NxCharacter.dll. The PhysX 2.x SDKs by NVIDIA had a very unfortunate license model. One of the most important libraries (the character controller code) has not been included in the redistributable part of the SDK. Therefor, developers who wanted to implement PhysX 2.x based games had to register with NVIDIA and download their own copy of the 2.8.4 SDK, then copy the dlls themselves (which has been compliant with the PhysX license).

As far as I know NVIDIA no longer provides the 2.x SDKs, so this might be a deadlock. I started working on 3.x support som time ago, but never got it finished. In PhysX 3.x all required parts are redistributable.