DIY - 3D-Laser-Scanner

laser-scanner… do want?

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So…i was a bit bored the last few days and i sorta started building my very own low-budget 3d-scanner from scratch.
The full story can be found on my p3pd space.

feel free to comment and discuss :slight_smile:

That’s what I want to make 2 years ago.
May be you can use step motor instead of low cost servo. The resolution and accuracy shall be improved very much.

heheh. that’s exactly the plan. i have some micro-sized stepper motors, i’m still waiting for the new “turntable” aswell as an M3 screw and my new laser. i’m aiming for 10 time the resolution i have right now.

Has anyone tried David Laser scanner? I did a long time ago, and even with a very low cost laser and webcam it made a rather nice model.

David Laser scanner is only available for windows.
the really useable versions go for $$$ and it’s closed source.

so not an option for me. using the same machanism as used in david to reconstruct the laser’s coordinates propably would work quite ok.

if you have some experience with opencv’s camera calibration you may be able to adapt my version (which i still need to clean up and release along with the rest of the new setup)