I was wandering if it is possible to use packpanda and be able to use an auto-updater to download and replace files, while still having everything work (not having to download another installer, uninstall the old game, then install the new one) I’m a bit tired and may need to elaborate a bit more. Just let me know if I do. And any help than I can get is greatly appreciated.

packpanda builds a monolithic installer. Your next release will be a similar-sized installer which the user will have to download and apply again. (But probably he can simply install it on top of the original version, without having to uninstall first.)

If you want to be able to download patches, you have to either (a) write the code to do that yourself, or (b) wait for the next release of Panda, which will provide an automatic system for doing exactly this. See my recent blog entry on this subject.


So if I took the newly added files from the packpanda-tmp folder I couldn’t just replace/add these with the old ones and run the client error-less?

That approach would fall under (a) writing the code to do it yourself. It might work as you suggest; I don’t know.


okay, i’ll give it a shot and post what happens. i have one other question, other than running packpanda, what other way can i compile .py to .pyc? i tried the panda compile command but i didn’t do something right v.v

It’s quite simple. On the command line, navigate to the directory where your python file is. Then, go into the python interpreter and type “import yourFile”, if your file is named yourFile.py. That should automatically create a .pyc file at the same location.

Alternatively, you can use the py_compile and compileall modules. This page explains more about them:

yes that worked thank you! now to test it…

Yes it works. Now to just get my updater fixed up. Thanks for the help!