distribution of Panda programms

I’d like to ask - what do I need to install on a computer without Panda3d and Python to run a game written w. Panda & Python ? I mean - when I am sending my game in Panda to a friend is it necessary for him to install whole Panda package with all samples,models, textues, exporters (that are useless for him) … to run the game ?

What is needed to distribute with my .py source files + models + textures so that the receiver could run the game ?

Do I have to send my source codes ?
Are there any “compiled” sources ?
what are .pyc files ?


Typically what is done is to package up the necessary parts of panda, plus your game, into a convenient EXE installer.

As it just so happens, I’m at this very moment working on a tool to make this easy. The bad news is, this tool won’t be available to the public for a few more weeks.

Which basically means, you’re stuck using an off-the-shelf packaging tool, like NSIS, for instance, or PY2EXE. That can be challenging, which is why I’m writing the quick-and-easy tool.

I hope you finish your tool soon, it will be really usefull for many people…

shouldnt be to hard to compile a launch.exe with py2exe, then let the panda python version process byte compiled .pyc files. (pyc files are “half compiled” source files, these are easy to reverse engeneer though)

then leave out all the files that players wont need, and pack it all up with Inno setup in a single install exe for easy distribution. (jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php)

Though… a ready made program for this would ofcourse be convenient. Hope it works out!

Isn’t exactly THAT the idea of a “installer” to ship only the NEEDED files? How do I (as a basic programmer) know what is needed and what not? To be honest: I am looking very much forward to having a all-in-one installer that puts everything together that is needed for a running panda game :slight_smile: (Because I guess its a bit more than just some compiled code… not sure what a compiling process creates and what the game needs for “external” files (meaning: all files except those I made myself FOR the game - and even there are for sure not all files needed because of the compilation)…

(Is there a section “Making your game ready for shipment”? :wink: :smiley: )

Regards, Bigfoot29