Distributing Panda with the game

I wish to create a game exclusively using Python and distribute the Panda sdk inside the game. The Panda sdk after being installed with the panda3d-1.2.3.exe file is 250Mb so how much can be taken from the sdk to do this and is it ok to do this license wise?

Heres the structure im planning for the game:

MyGame/Data/ - the game data
MyGame/Panda-1.2.3/ - the panda sdk
MyGame/start.py - the script to start the game
MyGame/config.cfg - the game config file

If you only want to distribute enough of Panda to run your game, you only need about 10 or 20 MB. Airblade does this, for instance. The utility ‘packpanda’ that is distributed with Panda will automatically generate a Windows installer that includes your game and the necessary Panda infrastructure. See packpanda in the Panda3D manual, and/or search for references to packpanda in these forums.


Excellent work. Congratulations.

By the way this is the game im intending to make with the Panda engine:


We are moving from 2d to a 3d engine.

Haha, awesome… I was addicted to the original starflight when I was a kid… Great seeing a future in the IP.