Distributed System Performance enveloppe ?

Hello Dear All,

Does anyone have inputs on the Panda Distributed system performance .

Is the following goal realistic using standard Panda Distributed system

  • Internet Play
  • 8-16 Players
    1 Actor by player
    synchronization of position ,orientation and animation
    synchronization of 3 integers variable
    up to 4 simultaneous missiles per player per game
    synchronization of start time or position+Orientation
  • up to 20 switches per game (switches = a shared boolean value between all players )
  • “standard” lag at 200ms for hardcore gamers connection (ie COD4 at 50/70ms of ping)

Note: switches could be shared boolean or maybe simple toggle events.

Manakel, id think you would have to write that system or are you taking about the DistributedNode/DistributedActor I think the problem with that system is that no one knows how it works. I think the server for that system was not included in the open sourcing so CMU students had to write one. I bet Josh can give a better story.

The performance of the networking depends alot on the server and how often you sync send messages. I think its up to you to see how much you will get.

This seems perfectly reasonable to me, well within the capabilities of the DistributedObject system. There is a server provided with the public distribution–it is written in Python, in ServerRepository.py–but it is not maintained, and no one knows whether it works. I think it might have some minor issues.