distributed Object deletion

Whenever I remove a distributed object from my scene, the server repositiory throws an error message:

:ServerRepository(warning): Ignoring update for unknown object 2000001 from client 1000001

2000001 is the object being deleted. 1000001 is the other client avatar.

to do the removal, I am using:


Any thoughts?

As a side note, is there any limit beyond RAM to the number of distributed objects that the server repository can handle? is it effectively 4 billion ( 2^32) ?


Don’t call disable() explicitly. Just call sendDeleteMsg(). The server will call disable() automatically; it’s not intended to be called directly.

Also, the client who calls sendDeleteMsg() must be the client who created it. No other clients have permission to delete an object. So be sure you don’t try to call sendDeleteMsg() on every client; that would certainly generate the error message you are seeing.

There’s no particular limit to the number of DistributedObjects a server can handle, but it only allocates a certain limited range of doId’s to each client. The default value is 1,000,000 objects per client, and you can change this with the server-doid-range config variable.