Disney Video Lectures

I can’t play either of the Disney Video Lectures from the manual.

I saved the .avi files to my desktop and tried to play them with both Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player. With VLC the video seems to play all the way through at high speed in the first 12 seconds or so, while the sound plays normally. With WMP it doesn’t play the video at all, just the sound.

I thought maybe the video file got corrupted during the download, so I downloaded the first one again. It plays exactly the same. I checked the file size: 683 mb (just like the manual said) so I must have downloaded all of it.

I don’t get it, all the Scene Editor Lectures work fine, so why doesn’t this one work?

It’s probably just a question of having the right codec installed.

I’m not sure what codec these videos were encoded in. I’d suggest Googling (and installing) the Xvid codec.


aahhmm. i had problems with those video tutorials ,too… long ago… if i remember correctly they are using an older version of WindowsMediaVideo-codec. they are known to not work too well…
windows media player should be able to play them correctly but it seems like it does not. even the later versions of wmv have sync-issues (sometimes).
perhaps you can play them using mplayer or using mencoder to re-encode them into a more common format.

well thats just what i remembered from long ago… so dont beat me up if i’m wrong :wink:

vlc player might be of help to.


Was that sarcasm? :confused:

. . .

I tried Xvid with WMP and it appeared to work, although the quality was terrible. But after about 21 minutes the sound stopped. :frowning:
Maybe I’ll try mplayer next.

The only thing so far on my current windows XP system that is playing it is PowerDVD…vlc plays it but video is real fast…mediaplayer just gives error that im missing a codec so I just forgot about it. PowerDVD plays it fine but the background noise is horrible and the guy ( panda developer ?) talks way too fast most of the time I found anyway to be of much use. Good attempt and appreciated but very poor quality.