Disappearing lights

In my current project, I have a particular, fairly large model (a room, specifically) that is lit by seven lights.

For some reason, however, sometimes one of these seems to disappear, or otherwise have no effect. While it seems to be one particular light (the seventh and last, I believe) more often than others, my various play-throughs have tended to focus on a few regions more than others, I think, so I’m not sure, I’m afraid. In at least one case, however, I do recall noticing that another light (the third, I think that it was) was off instead.

While I haven’t often looked for the effect, I don’t think that it’s occurring in any of my other, less-prolifically-lit rooms (I don’t think that any others have more than three or four).

I don’t seem to be getting any errors.

What might the problem be, and what suggestions have you, please?

There is a limit to the number of lights that your graphics driver can support simultaneously. Typically, this limit is 8, and I’ve never seen it be anything different, though I guess it’s possible. If you exceed the limit, one or more of your lights will simply fail to work, and the particular light that fails will be more-or-less chosen at random.

Is it possible that you have more than 7 lights without realizing? Say, for instance, 9? (Ambient lights don’t count towards this total.)


Ooh, wait, you’re right! I’d forgotten the two that I have set at the render level (a directional and an ambient light used to provide some base lighting for all rooms).

Of course, that makes sense - thank you. :slight_smile:

I’ll simply remove that seventh light, I think, leaving me with six on the room itself and the two render-level lights bringing me to eight - I don’t mind having darkness in that spot, I don’t believe, and I don’t want to lose the other lights.