Disabling the Panda project screenshots

Do you want to see Panda Screenshots beside the forum/manual pages?

  • Yes
  • No

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Can the website administrator please disable the Panda project screenshots atleast for the forum pages and the manual.

The reason i like them to be removed are:

  1. I am on a 4-8kBps connection(india) with a daily download limit of 150mb and these slow down my work a lot and burn a hole in my pocket too. I cannot disable them in the browser, because they are from the same URL as the other images.
  2. They are quite annoying, once you start frequenting the site.
  3. Since forum/manual users are already panda user’s they need no advertisement.
  4. They eat up precious space on my already small laptop screen and hence it is difficult to see moderately long posts in a single screen.

I hope these suggesstions will be considered.

PS: I am also adding a poll just in case the admin wants to know how many people want them to be removed.

Well, this would be an option… another option is to use the latest Firefox and add a module that supresses these downloads for you… - with that tool you can also remove the header (the Panda3D thingie) for example - its somewhat usefull for these reasons, but I don’t know the name (can’t tell ya… this comp is running the suite)… just search in the Firefox extensions :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

It’s called greasemonkey.

Your poll will unfortunately not allow you to draw any conclusions: The post title speaks about “disabling” the screenshots, whereas you ask about “wanting” (or “enabling”) them - too much confusion potential here.

What I forgot to mention: I’d prefer the bat to be user-configurable, too. But that’s nothing unusual for someone concerned about software ergonomics. :wink:

What? You dont like seeing carrot eye on evey other page? I can’t Imagine why.

I’ll add a reason to your list:

#6 It makes panda feel limited to these 6-7 software titles. And with descriptions like: “Wheel your injured sister around in a tire” I think it only serves to dissuade people that might be interested in using panda.

As a constructive comment… Why not replace them with tips, or functions that were used by this project… Something that actually has value to repeat visitors. There is a “galleries” section. There is no reason to be redundant with the (annoying) shots on every page.