Disable/take control of Alt+F4 and Alt+Tab, etc?

I want to play a little prank on a friend. I want him to “beta test” my game which in fact won’t be my game but his most annoying music clip looping forever, with no way to close the program except with a secret key combination only I will know.

So my question is, is it possible to take control of Alt+Tab keypress, Alt+F4 and maybe even Ctrl+Alt+Del (so you can’t start task manager and close from there) and if yes, how?

(BTW, I’m going to do this little prank on my own notebook, so force-quitting Windows won’t cause any loss of his data :stuck_out_tongue: )

If it’s going to be on your own laptop, you can use a utility like AutoHotkeys to remap the alt+f4 key.
superuser.com/questions/334463/h … -windows-7

Non Windows? (And lazy to learn how to script other than Python).

So this can’t be done in Panda3D alone?

You didn’t specify a platform. This is really more of an operating system question than a Panda3D question, because usually applications (such as Panda3D) don’t get any kind of control over critical window manager key controls, for obvious security reasons.

You can probably use xmodmap to rebind alt+f4 on X11-based systems.