DirectX 8 vs. Chicken's EGG

Which system is better DirectX 8 or Egg directly?

  • DirectX 8
  • Chicken’s EGG

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Ho I am a new user of Panda3d and i must say I am really impressed about this engine.

I am using Blender as 3D drawer.
I know C, C++ and VC++ but I will go for python (since the code is smaller).
So till I learn python I leave this poll open.

Anyway I have a question and I really would want to know your opinion, of users of both systems which is better or only one if they are satisfied with their system.

Both systems are described in the manual but I really want to know which is better.

  1. Blender+add-on -> DirectX 8 -> (through the converter) Egg -> My Program
  2. Blender+Chicken add-on -> Egg -> My Program

chicken is by far better. supports ways more features, is more robust and known to work :slight_smile:

The X format is pretty limiting and non native to panda3d. It makes no sense to use it unless you have too.