Directx 11.. when?

When will it’s features be available? I know DX9 support is a bit experimental, but maybe…

Just asking…

OK, wow, DirectX 10 support first.

Oh well, DX11 doesn’t add anything useful but tesselation anyways.

Are you sure you want to exclude Windows XP users? I for one have zero interest on DX11 or DX10 because of that. Even Rage was gonna use DX9 last time I checked. (Not trying to say it isn’t needed, I hate it when you ask for something in a forum and you get the answer “you don’t need that”. I don’t want to be that guy. I’m just giving my point of view which may explain to you why the lack of interest).

But back on topic. I’m gonna be totally honest in the hope I may interest potential contributors. There are two problems with that. First, the DX9 itself has a lot of bugs and shortcomings currently (mostly in advanced features that aren’t used by Disney VR), so it wouldn’t make sense to start work on DX10 or 11 before fixing DX9. Also, there’s no interest among any developers with the necessary experience. The Disney VR guys don’t need the advanced features on DX10+, (they do the kind of games that don’t need the next-gen eye candy) and other less-suited funded parties like Disney Imagineering and CMU probably lack the interest. For example, CMU is a university so they would naturally be more interested in Panda as a learning tool. The only active GSG guru available in the community is rdb, who is a Unix guy and isn’t interested in Windows. Since Panda is mostly used from Python we have a regrettable lack of contributors (which would need to know c++) when it comes to areas that don’t affect Disney’s VR studio, where Panda actually comes from.

So I don’t see that happening unless somebody from the community starts to work on it. But even if that happened, I would beg that person to help fix DX9 first, make all the auto-shader features work on it, depth buffers, etc. I suppose it could also come to be if a third party decided to fund somebody like rdb or if the VR studio was tasked with doing a next gen one of these days and they judged they need DX11. One of these things may take years, though, and there’s not any indication of something like that happening.

I hope I’ve given you a concrete picture, the bottom line is that we need contributors for stuff like that and help is welcome.

DX11 adds a lot more! Basically 3 things:
1.) Performance boost! IMHO just a bit slower then DX9 :wink:
2.) More GPU computing. Something like CUDA+OpenCL mix-up by microsoft AFAIk
3.) And the well known HW tessalation

And I completely look forward to it!

I know that stuff already, just asking when will someone take care of it. Because I can’t help at all, as my skills are somewhere under nothing =/