DirectWaitBar setLightOff not working

I have a DirectWaitBar, if I use it in one place, and call setLightOff(1) it works fine. However, I use it in another place and it appears very dark, calling setLightOff(1) doesn’t seem to work at all there.

I have tried:


I have tried several things mentioned in here:

[Using DirectWaitBar as health bar.)

Nothing works, the bar just remains dark. Is there anything else I can try to make the bar ignore the lighting and always be fully lit?

Are you specifying a light attribute with a higher override value at some other point? Then you may need to up the value in setLightOff.

Or perhaps it’s a different render state that’s influencing it, such as a colour scale attribute (try setColorScaleOff) or a fog effect?

Thanks, but it’s not that, I tried increasing that number already along with a range of other things. I have several other text nodes attached to the same parent polygon and they don’t cause a lighting problem, only the DirectWaitBar does, almost like there is something wrong with the DirectWaitBar control itself it seems.

If I attach the DirectWaitBar to render2d it’s fine, as soon as I attach it to this other polygon in 3D space, it seems to ignore setLightOff().

What I found is if I call setTexture() on the parent node (which is just a card made with CardMaker), the DirectWaitBar that is attached to this node plays up. If I don’t call setTexture() on the parent node and insert the DirectWaitBar, then it doesn’t play up, it’s fine… this kind of made me believe it’s a panda bug.

I managed to be able to fix it, by applying a completely white texture to the bar, it must have inherited something from the parent polygon, and setTextureOff didn’t fix it, however applying a fully white texture to the bar (which gets tinted anyway) fixed it.