DirectScrollBar for a DirectScrolledList

Hi guys, just wondering, is there any easy way to add a DirectScrollBar for a DirectScrolledList?

I am trying, but I am having quite some trouble. I couldn’t find a way to have the DirectScrollBar buttons receive the same function that the DirectScrolledList buttons execute. Is it possible? I tried using the attribute incButtonCallback and decButtonCallback, but they are both None.

I also tried managing the DirectScrollBar by myself, but I could not find a way to save the DirectScrolledList itemIds. This is needed so I could remove items.
The manual says that the DirectScrolledList method addItem should return an Id, which would be the so mentioned itemId, still it only returns None. To remove an item, I would need the itemId, but couldn’t find any way to save those.

So anyone have any Ideas of what I can be doing wrong?

You mean you want to use a scroll bar to scroll the list? The DirectScrolledList doesn’t support this. But you might be able to use a DirectScrolledFrame instead, depending on your precise needs.


It is a Chat UI.
I manage to simulate the behavior I wanted using the DirectScrolledList methods. My main ploblem was with the removeItem method, until I found I could send the item itself, instead of the itemId.

Still, thanks for the reply.