DirectObject in C++

Hey guys, i’m attempting to do picking in Pada3D using C++. However, i’ve had no luck in finding a DirectObject in the C++ header files. Is there even one?

If there is, could someone also explain to me what role the DirectObject plays in this example?

There are quite a few classes that are implemented entirely in Python, and therefore can only be used in python. These include DirectObject, Actor, and Task. To accomplish the same functionality in C++, you have to use lower level primitives. I’m not sure what those primitives are, though.

you can probably follow the python code and see what it uses. It might be nice to rewrite them in c++ for speed.

All DirectObject does, it provides functionality to accept events.
You can check the RoamingRalph in C++ code on the Code SNipplets forum to see how it handles events.