DirectGUI skinning

I find that the Manual doesnt explain how to use your own images or egg files for each component of all the GUI elements, and I can’t find the all the info in the Python reference too.

For example DirectScrollbar. Can you have a single egg texture card for its 2 components (like DirectButtons)? I tried making one but the handle isn’t textured.

Or the DirectScrolledFrame. Why is it when you have a texture set on the frame with the ‘frameTexture’ argument, but when you move the scrollbars it wont move like it should? Isn’t it possible?
What about the scrollbars on the DirectScrolledFrame. You can move and scale them, but can’t you move the increase/decrease buttons? I can’t find it anywhere.

This recent thread illustrates setting a different card for each of the sub-components of a DirectScrollBar.

It sounds like you are confusing the “frame” with the “canvas”. A DirectScrolledFrame’s frame is the fixed part of the frame that doesn’t move when you move the scrollbars. The canvas is the part that does move. If you want to put a background texture on the canvas, create a DirectFrame of the appropriate size and attach it to the canvas.

If you don’t like the auto-placement of these buttons, you can place them yourself. The component names are horizontalScroll and verticalScroll. You can set parameters on these components in the DirectScrolledFrame constructor, for instance like horizontalScroll_manageButtons = False, horizontalScroll_incButton_pos = (0, 0, 1).


Alright, I’ll try it and post if I have trubles.

Yeah, I did.

i thought you can directly texture the canvas.
Anyway, is it reparentTo(scrolledframe.getCanvas()) ?

I simply tried incButton_pos, could have guessed it.