DirectGUI objects in a 3D scene

It is sometimes possible to place DirectGUI objects in the 3D scene (e.g. attach them to render) and they keep working properly (although you probably want to call setBillboardPointEye()). DirectLabel seems to work like this. And ynjh_jo has some code on this forum that has a DirectEntry moving around in a 3D scene, and although you can’t click on the DirectEntry, you can press Return to start and stop typing into it.

But when I experimented with DirectButton, I found that buttons could not be clicked when in the 3D scene. Am I doing something wrong? Or do DirectGUI objects not work fully unless attached to aspect2d?


DirectGui object do not fully work unless attached to aspect2d.


If you need a button in 3d world, I think you can use mine :
though I haven’t tested it in 3d.
You just need to set the collision traversal root node to render.
I’ve used it there :