DirectEntry relief Issues

The following snippet of code should generate four boxes with a relief of the type, GROOVE. However, for some reason, the relief = GROOVE causes an error (NameError: global name ‘GROOVE’ is not defined). I also tried to wrap GROOVE in quotes (relief = “GROOVE”), to no avail. Can anyone tell me my issue? Does DirectFrame not have a relief option? If not, the cryptic error I got with the version in quotes would be really strange (It shows a bunch of stuff related to DirectFrame and a dictionary, then says, "KeyError: ‘GROOVE’ ").

Here is my code:

        staticKeys = []
        for i in range(4):
            newFrame = DirectFrame(frameColor=(0, 0, 0, .6),
                                   frameSize=(-.05, .05, -.05, .05), relief = GROOVE,
                                   pos=(1.1-(1-i*.1)+i*.025+.4, -1, -.875))

The intention is to generate a list of 4 predefined hotkeys (for inventory, stats, quests, and friend list). I can’t find good documentation or tutorials on actually USING DirectGUI anywhere, so I’m kind of stumbling blindly hoping things work sometimes. The code works perfectly without the relief = GROOVE.

I think it’s DGG.GROOVE, where DGG is imported like “from direct.gui import DirectGuiGlobals as DGG”.

Thank you very much, it worked! However, When I put it on another frame, the relief is what I would consider to be abnormally large, taking up most of the frame. Also, it doesn’t seem to even appear on the first four frames I was generating. Any ideas?

You can use borderWidth to adjust this: