DirectDialog V.S DirectFrame

Hi, Guys,

I am just wondering which one is better to choose or it’s depend on
the situation.
Any tips will be very helpful.


They have different purposes. A DirectFrame is any frame that you want to attach stuff to.

A DirectDialog specializes DirectFrame to add functionality useful for creating messages specifically to notify to the user of some event, something like a Windows “modal” dialog.

If you don’t need any of the extra features of DirectDialog, then use a DirectFrame.


Do you know how to come out that green boarder of DirectDialog?
I was trying to come out a DirectDialog from DirectFrame.

I am thinking to build a GUI just like any other online game, which might
stick on screen all the time instead of just a popup window.



The DirectDialog implicitly sets geom = ‘models/gui/dialog_box_gui’. You can do the same thing on any other DirectFrame you create, if you like that particular geometry.

You can examine the source code for DirectDialog and see what else it does. It’s not much.