DirectButton Appearance

I just recently started using panda3d again, and i was wondering if I could somehow change the appearance of a Direct Button. A long time ago when I created a button, it looked cool and different(Orange, rounded corners, colored background, colored text). Now when i create a button it is a rectangle and boring. This has nothing to do with the color of the text or the background color, but the shape. I know how to change those things but I have no idea how to make the shape of the button different. Am I using the wrong kind of button or something?

Pretty much I just want to know how to change the shape of a Direct Button.

You can use the geom keyword to use any model you want as a button, or just the image keyword to give it a new texture.
If you use just a texture and it has transparent parts, you may need to set the relief to none or flat, frameColor to 0,0,0,0 and enable transparency for that button (MDual works best if things overlap)

This can help:


You can use your own images instead of the defaults.
Assign a NodePath with a GeomNode containing the image of your button as a texture.
This is a bit messy to do with Panda as the DirectButton constructor expects a geom (well NodePath containing GeomNode) instead of an image file, and there is no function to load images as planes and respect the “proportions” of the image.

I use something like this:
and do


Hey wezu, MAlpha is just fine for GUI.

EDIT: There’s also the “image” keyword for DirectButton and the rest but it “stretches” the image as texture to fit the default geom, not the other way around.