direct.showbase module not found in Windows

Hi Guys,

Im new here. I always wanted to make some kind of realtime 3D game, but I have absolutely no experience with engines. Since I am using python for a couple of months now, I looked for an engine which works in python, and today I finally found panda3d… looks great and easy, so I want to give it a try. So expect more questions from me :slight_smile:

Anyway, I had python 2.7 installed on windows 7, I installed panda3d 1.7.2. The samples are working, althoug some seem to freeze up. But if I write my own file, just the hello world example from the main page, it says No module named direct.showbase.ShowBase.

Any ideas?

It runs perfectly on my Ubuntu laptop though…


edit: I found the way of creating the panda.pth file… but now it says python26.dll conflicts with this version of Python.

Do I need to uninstall python 2.7 and install python 2.6?

maybe I should just run it on ubuntu… seems easier :slight_smile:

Panda 1.7.2 is compiled against Python 2.6, so yes, you will need to run Python 2.6 if you want to use that version of Panda (you don’t have to go install it specially, you can just use the version that already ships with Panda if you like).

Or, you can uninstall Panda 1.7.2 and install the interim 1.8.0 build (this is the dev build), which is if I recall correctly compiled against Python 2.7.


Thx! Latest version 1.8 works with python 2.7!