Difficulties to export through maya2008

Hello everybody ! i am glad to post my first thread…

So here it is… i need to export my geometry to a .egg and when i use the graphic interface everything run good but i can’t find the .egg which is generating by the script.

Even if i use the Make a egg it s not working.
But the Make a bam is working ?

is it a problem with my model, i am actually only testing the right orientation of my rigg.
I am from the max world from scratch, but it seem that the biped is Zup left hand and Panda need a ZupRight hand to work with moven.

Does somebody can help me to output my egg with maya 2008 ?

thanks in advance,


Hey, and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:.

Personally, I have never had much luck with the graphical plugin for 2008 to create the egg file. Have you tried the command line version of maya2egg?

Navigate to the folder in the command prompt:

maya2egg2008 yourscene.mb yourscene.egg

thanks, i am going to try it tonight, i ll let you know,