Difficult constraint layout query

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to get the x, y and z dimensions of the bounding box around a BulletCylinderShape?

Let be frame my problem:
I create a “stick” figure in pandas using 0.1 radius Cylinders. I then need to connect these cylinders together ONLY at the illustrated places:

Any advise on how to do this?

Could you not use the data from which you constructed the “sticks” to calculate the relevant positions? That is, if for example you constructed a “stick” with a length of 5.0, oriented along the y-axis, and with its origin at the centre of the stick (as I think is the way that Bullet constructs these things), then one end is at (0, -2.5, 0) and the other is at (0, 2.5, 0), I believe.