Difference between egg and bam when exporting with a rigidbody shape

I know im asking alot of questions lately, im sorry about that.

So, it would appear that an egg and bam file have different results in engine when a rigidibody is added to my model in blender.

Blender - > Add rigid body shape → Blend2Bam → render bam

Model is there and collision is there! Yay
Screenshot from 2023-07-10 19-27-15

Bam2Egg - > render egg
Model is missing and mesh data child is missing!
Screenshot from 2023-07-10 19-28-24

Anybody mind enlightening me on whats going on here?

As far as I know, this process is not 100% guaranteed. It is impossible to convert bam to egg format without loss.

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Thank you sir.