Deviant Engine - MMORPG Builder


Just wanted to show off some of my work on the engine me and a friend are building called the Deviant Engine.

So far its a running server + client using mysql.

Current Features

  • Movable GUI windows. Similar to world of warcraft, allows a user to move the onscreen windows.
  • World Chat, complete chat system with built in commands.
  • Load other users actors, - WIP

I need some help still with some networking issues however, so all help would be good.

The actual game builder is still been worked on, just wanted to get a running client first.

That looks good. Good job!
A few things you might want to consider (looking at the screenshot):

  • Place a light so the objects will be shaded.
  • Make the terrain a bit smoother.
  • Place some vegetation.


The terrain is only temporary while we have some made.
How would i go about adding vegetation to the world? do i have to load a model every time? or can i instance it and have it randomly place around the world, but still be in the same place on every client.

Your choice. It is probably easier to place it in the modeling program.
If you’re going for a random approach, I recommend making a constant seed value on which you base the random numbers - so it will be random, but still the same on different computers (given that they have the same seed of course).

Yeah that lighting looks to bland, truth is Kalcyon posted a little early, but no prob.

Ive been working on shaders, animation, gui and windows, Kalcyon has been working on networking and UI, we have a pro artist and a pro musician on the team as well.

As leader of this project I was going to wait a little while before posting on it, but since the cat is out of the bag :wink:

Wow. Sure looks very nice!
Few things:

  • You might want to consider triplanar texturing for the terrain. Then it won’t look so ‘stretched’ on steep cliffs. It’s 3x as expensive though, so I suggest making it configurable.
  • Enable mipmapping for textures - then my eyes won’t hurt so much looking at textures far away. Also it gives a performance improvement. You might even want to consider anisotropic filtering.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Nice char models- were they inspired by ffX?

Humbly impressed

yeah the models are indeed very nice - can’t wait to see the gameplay in action

If you like those models, you can buy them here:

The models are place holders while I am hammering out the animation section, and I had bought these already so I threw them in.

The actual game models are being created and animated now by our artist Majadi and myself, along with the many npc’s we require. Once the project is released some of the models shown may or may not be kept as npc actors.

I’m looking at the action bar and its the same a the one realm crafter gives on the demo.
just wondering is it a game or a engine?

very cool project. hope to see more soon :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, why don’t you wish to release your server?

Hey, it looks good so far! Just wondering, what are you going to do about the FPS. Looking at the screens I noticed some low frames with 17.9 being the lowest I saw.

i just want to ask where can i download the engine ? :frowning: