Developers/Maintainer Wanted

Hi guys,

As I announced earlier, I’m going to stop maintaining Panda. Not only do I want to focus on my own game, but real life is also getting more in the way of being a full-time Panda dev.
I will keep hanging around here and fix a bug or add a feature here and there, hang around on the forums and IRC channel, but I do not want you guys to have to depend on me.

Disney is of course still Panda’s biggest contributor, and although especially David has helped me a lot with stuff, they do not publish the main build or implement a lot of community requests, or fix bugs in a part of Panda that is not maintained by them.
I am very glad to see that CMU is becoming more and more involved again, now that they have assigned people to fix a couple of bugs.
Also, I am very glad that some people of the community have provided me great help, either by helping me making sample programs, posting information and sample code when there was a bug, etc.

Unfortunately, this is not enough to keep Panda running.

I can only agree to this old post from Josh Yelon:

So, I want to ask if anyone would be willing to help with developing and maintaining Panda, and releasing the public builds, and take it over from me in a few weeks.
Of course, since each person has his own area of expertise, whether C++ or Python or modeling or rpm/deb spec files or a bit of everything, there doesn’t necessary need to be just one maintainer. :slight_smile:

Long story short: we want you!

ow whatta bad news here! even if lately it was floating in the air, I hoped it won’t happen so soon but anyhow your reasons to drop are pretty understandable and it is good to know you’ll keep hanging around the panda but I feel the same to thank you for your extremely valuable contribution so far.
About to carry a bag of the weight for help, I would love to but honestly my expertise on the areas you mentioned are very limited - as a former web dev I’m good on php html and related and not much more but if you think I can have a part on it don’t hesitate to ask.

The day you stepped up to the helm was one of the happiest days in Panda’s history, and the work you’ve done to the benefit of the project–and to all of its users–is inestimable. I’m sorry you have to step down, but I’m glad you won’t be going away altogether; and I’m also glad to know you’re taking some time back for yourself.

So, how about it, Panda users–which of you is willing to push the throttle forward now?


I am learning game developing and I was thinking about using Panda3D for my first Indie game. I’ve been reading these forums for several weeks, but I’ve just joined.

It is very sad that one of the most active maintainers is going to “leave” the project… For everything I’ve been reading these weeks, I think you have done a great job and we are going to miss you. I can’t really complain, but I’m afraid because of, without you, the project might start to die slowly.

My skills are not enough to contribute yet, but if a small donation can help… :wink:

this is indeed very sad to hear, but also very understandable. You’ve been doing a huge workload for nothing but the fame :slight_smile:

in the 5 years i’ve been part of this community it has improved a lot. since you joined it’s progress has significantly increased. i am sure it will continue to improve, altough in a slower state.

because you’ve done so much, it’s almost impossible to find someone to take over everything you managed. i have the feeling that it’s best if it could be split up into smaller packages, so someone that takes over, doesnt get overwhelmed.

apart from the packaging, which i think is one of the most important tasks to be taken over. i also see the need for a community manager. someone who informs the community what’s going on at cmu and disney and connects the community with them.

someone who has access to the repositories (apart from cmu and disney) could help panda3d’s community as well. it’s too hard getting community developments into the “real stuff” from my point of view. he’d need to have good development knowledge, but doesnt need to work on the code himself. only to know what can and what can’t be integrated, saying what needs to be changed so it can be integrated.

i think cmu and disney are both profiting from having the engine open-sourced and while it’s been a great (and possibly hard) step, it only makes sense if they continue this effort and possibly put some more work into it, especially during a time where it’s needed (that would be now).

i cannot spare enougth time atm to pick up one of those tasks (gotta think over it first as well). Im just quite reliable in starting controversial talks in the forums :wink:

i shouldn’t have looked at the forums today… :unamused:

btw, why are you guys like saying good bye? as far as i understood pro he is not going to leave or anything, but just stepping back a bit. instead of being sad i’d be happy that pro-rsoft still is with us and that he finally gets his ‘holidays’. :wink: (pro: don’t even dare to tell us good bye, or my optimism will turn into deep depression…)

about panda’s future development:
unfortunately i neither code C++, nor do i have any experience with packaging except for archlinux (which is granted by ornitorrincos btw).
but i guess there may be some developers interested in developing and maintaining panda and we can attract them by making some good looking games, which are the best proof of panda’s quality :slight_smile:

I too want to add my thanks to pro-rsoft for all that he has done for the Panda community. Behind the scenes he has helped direct a team of CMU ETC students in their summer work, which is ongoing but when finished should benefit the community as well. Perhaps you have already noticed the improved C++ portion of the Manual or contributions elsewhere. There are Fall 2009 plans for further projects adding features into Panda. I personally am away from CMU on business this week, but when I return back to campus rest assured that we shall revisit this thread in earnest. Both pro-rsoft and Josh Yelon before him emphasized the value of broader community support, contributors, testers, etc., so I remain hopeful that pro-rsoft’s announcement will be viewed as an opportunity by all, rather than crisis.

  • treeform is scared because he is next in line…