Dev C++ Configuration

Hi, does anybody know how to configure Dev C++ so it can compile the Panda3D code ? Or switch between Release and Debug modes in Visual C++ ?


Please try to resist double-posting. People here generally read all the threads, so posting the same question in two different forums doesn’t give you the answer any faster.

I’ve already responded to your question in the other thread. But are you sure that you want to do development using C++? You don’t seem very familiar with the Visual Studio environment; are you very comfortable with the C++ language? If not, it might make more sense to do your development with Python, which is not only a much easier language to learn and use, but also (in my opinion) allows you to develop much better applications given the same amount of development effort.

You are certainly welcome to continue to use C++, of course, and we will be happy to help you use Panda3D with C++; but you will get the most benefit from this combination if you are already very familiar with the language.