I just discovered Panda3D (I came form an ACM link). Now I am wondering how to deploy a Panda application and make it ready for the end user. It sure is not enough to ship the py-file :wink:. But what do I have to package together to get a full application? And how big will it be?

Another thing I am unsure about is the fmod library. As far as I know, this one has a commercial license (at least if you sell your game) - is that right?

Tanks in advance!


Not being an expert on Panda3D, this is my method:

Get the McMillan installer to convert your main .py file to .exe, you don’t need to convert the additional .py files.
Place that .exe and all other dependencies in your distribution folder, along with the ‘direct’ folder and everything inside the ‘lib’ folder.

That’s really what works for me, you may find other methods.

Fmod is free for non-commericial use, but as you noted, requires a license fee if you want to sell your game (or other product). Pricing details are available here:

Also, if you’re using mp3 files in your product, Thompson Multimedia requires another fee, details here:

This second fee can be avoided by using the complely free OGG Vorbis format.