Deployment on smartophones

From what I’ve gathered deploying P3D game onto smartphone is quite cumbersome. Are there any efforts to make it simpler in future releases ? I’m making a game for the web and I would like the players to be able to play it on mobile natively and not via the browser.


I understand that panda3d’s render pipeline will be updated at some point to make writing shaders for multiple platforms/apis a lot easier but I don’t know if there are any concrete plans to improving the build system for mobile/web.

I’m not sure that in some magical way you can skip the panda3D build stage with the necessary compiler. Not to mention the components that panda3D uses, for example Python.

Wow, so noone is building with P3D for smartphones. Only computers. It is quite shocking that it’s not a on the roadmap. I believe Unity and Unreal are optimised for smartphones.

Bear in mind that Unreal and Unity have, I imagine, pretty large teams working on them. Panda doesn’t: it has a fairly small group of developers.

That said, it’s not as though no work has been done–as you yourself noted, while cumbersome and incomplete, it is possible to deploy somewhat to Android.

(Also, I think that Android support at least is actually on the roadmap–but I’m not sure that the roadmap that I found is still current and intended to be seen.)

I think that the following threads show the most-recently reported state of deployment on Android and iOS, respectively: