Deployment: Building just the binary

With the deployment system, is there any way to build only the application’s binary? That is, to skip things like transferring files and–more to the point–converting and writing out model-files?

Presuming that such a process worked, being able to do so would, I think, be quite a boon when making new builds of A Door to the Mists: converting and copying model-files seems to be by far the most time-consuming part of the process. I would love to be able to build more quickly!

Hmm… Thinking about it, could I potentially at least skip the model-converting part of things as follows?

  • Copy a previous build to another folder
  • Comment out the reference to “**/*.egg” in the “include_patterns” section of my “” file
  • Build
  • And finally, copy the executable from the “build” folder over the executable in the previous build

My thinking is that I would then have the assets from the previous build, with the executable of the new one. Would that work?

Or am I missing something? Some connection between libraries and executable, or, well, something?

Two tag-on questions, if I may: If only a single model-file has been modified in the project, would it be safe to just manually run egg2bam on it and copy the result into the relevant “build” folders? And if so, where would I find the parameters used by the build-system, so that I can use them for the manual run?