Deploy-ng: "main" branch vs. "deploy-ng"

I want to move towards creating a distributable demo of my game. To that end, I earlier switched over to the “deploy-ng” branch of the GitHub repository, pulled the available updates, built the engine, and ran a quick test.

Unfortunately, it seems that the “deploy-ng” branch is somewhat behind the “main” branch: the GUI bug from this thread seems to still be present, alongside what might be the crash-problem described here, and I believe fixed in the main branch as of here.

I could switch back to the “main” branch, in which these are fixed–but is deploy-ng available (and stable) there? If not, is there an estimated date for merging the “deploy-ng” branch into the “main” one, or vice versa?

rdb has merged the master branch into deploy-ng, so deploy-ng is now in sync with master as of this post.

deploy-ng is only available in the deploy-ng branch, and is not in master (the “main” branch). We do not have an estimate on when deploy-ng will be merged back into master.

Ah, excellent, and my thanks to rdb for doing so, and to you for letting me know! I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

That’s fair enough.