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Waitaminute, it just magically started working! The only thing different is I’ve downloaded version 0.4 but I can’t imagine that would make any difference regarding the issue I was having before, so I have no idea why it started working.

Oh well whatever, it looks amazing! Love those water demos.

ADDITION: Incidentally, for your reference I am running it on Panda 1.6 on OSX 10.5. Clearly Panda is really good at seamlessly working on multiple platforms.


i’ve just checked the 0.4 version (0.3 is the same) of this demo, and saw a shader crash using 1.6. when using 16bit color depth under linux, all the animated water shaders (using the ship and rain) will not work. i didnt check with 1.5.4…
(using nvidia quadro 770M 512MB, ubuntu 8.10, 180.29 nvidia drivers)

a “error” in the demo is that “Shaders - Show Panda Shaders” has the autoshader option is toggled off by default, which really doesnt make sense, as it’s intended to show all the 1.5.4 options of the autoshader…

it’s great that you are working on such a demo.


Do you see a difference with autoshader on ?
The Show Panda Shaders actually demonstrate the common filter features in panda, which shall not require an autoshader.


I guess if there are old compiled modules in your previous working sets (if you have run them under difference version of pythons ??)… anyway, it is good to have one more working example on OSX platform.


In 1.6.0, FilterManager (which is the base of CommonFilters too) doesn’t automatically turn on the auto-shader-generator anymore. 1.5.4 did.
Some filters, however, rely on render targets that the auto-shader provides, so you need to make sure you have called setShaderAuto for those.


i dont remember how your demo looked under 1.5.4, however under 1.6 the normal mapped spheres are not “active” if the autoshader is not activated. (i’ve implemented that demo, so im pretty sure how it’s supposed to look :slight_smile: ).


Sorry about that ! :blush:

I make a fix then ! Thank you.


it’s great that you included it. im also fine if you change it to your needs. but if you want it to work like i originally planned, you should change it :slight_smile: (as pro-rsoft mentioned, 1.5.4 will work correctly, but 1.6 requires to have autoshaders activated separately to the common filters)


version 0.5 released.


just checked with my rig1 all OK
that compositor sample is really INSANE!!! sensational addition!

PS: as a suggestion, every time you post a new release hint ppl on the new stuff you add so it’s easier to find and not to miss something.
By the way for this one, I just found the Human and Compositor samples as the only news in the demo. Am I correct or there was more?


Yes, I have put the version descriptions, screens, videos in the first post.

Here is the same descriptions:
Version 0.5 major changes:

  1. Fix some bugs in water demo, not all
  2. Compositor - various 2D filters port reference ogre demo
  3. Human model from makehuman, with script base animation (not standard blender animation)


ah ok I missed out - I guess because the first page now take so much time to load.

Just a Q: what you mean in 3) with " with script base animation (not standard blender animation)"?


The animations “breathing, dive, kufu”, are driven by several script files…very complicated and dynamic animations can be produced without using blender’s animation features.

e.g. can write some programs to drive the human model to catch a ball dynamically.


just to see if I caught it 100% - are you telling us that those animations are procedurally built using blender python scripting and then exported with the chicken exporter?


No, I write my own animation engine.

e.g. the file animation1.ani

Animation Animation1:
	fps 100
	default smooth
	Frame 0:
		pose Default 0
		gravity 1
	Frame 1:
		pose me.Pos1 200
		pose ArmPos1.L 200
		pose ArmPos1.R 200
		pose Eye.Down1 200
	Frame 200:
		pose F.Close.L 100
		pose F.Close.R 100
	Frame 400:
		pose me.Pos2 200
		pose ArmPos2L 300 decelerate
		pose NeckLook1R 50
		pose LegPos2L 100 accelerate
	Frame 500:
		pose NeckLook1L 100 decelerate
	Frame 900:
		pose Default 100
		pose me.Default 100
	Frame 1000:
		# Last Frame, must define

It defines the animation sequence of the kufu animation.

The poses are defined in basic1.pose, basic2.pose and etc.

# open thumb finger
Pose F1.Open.L:
	hpr Thumb3.L Default
	hpr Thumb2.L Default
	hpr Thumb1.L Default
# close thumb finger
Pose F1.Close.L:
	hpr Thumb3.L: (-58.6,8.37,-45.58)
	hpr Thumb2.L (25.12,-2.91,8.37)
	hpr Thumb1.L (92,8.37,25)

Play with those *.pose and animation1.ani you will know what I refer to.


w00t! looks like I underestimate that demo - very cool addition
I gotta check that out as soon


7 hours ago:
demomaster 0.5

download it!


To be included in next version:

Some facial expressions

ODE Car, enhanced version of ninth @
car model, sound, skydome, camera views added:


we should change the speed-meter of the car, it’s based on something i found on the internet and might be copyrighted…

(sry i should have done it right (do it myself) at the beginning)


I see. I will replace it with something else. Thank you for your alert.