Deleting nodes and collision nodes

Hi, so right now I am making a zombie survival type of game. Right now I am implementing what happens when a zombie dies. I use removeNode() to get the zombie off the screen. My zombies have one collision node each, a collision node path to that collision node as well as it is added to the main cTrav traverser. After calling remove node, do I need to remove it from the cTrav as well? Is remove node enough for removing the collision solids and collision handlers?

I forget whether it’s required, but I think that one generally removes collision nodes from the relevant traverser and collision-handler, if added, indeed.

(I’m not sure of this, but I would imagine that it would be better to remove the node from the traverser and handler before calling “removeNode”–I’m not sure that it’s in a valid state after the call to “removeNode”.)