Default Textures

All EGGs… or most EGGs come with a textures. How can I remove this default texture if it is even possible?

I don’t really get your point. If your model has no textures, then the egg will contain no textures.
Or you want to discard the texture for exporting to egg?
Check you exporter capabilities, maybe there is an option to exclude the textures, or just move the texture files somewhere else.

you would call:


This would clear the texture applied.

Note: If the model has verteces that have a color set to them, it will not change those vertex colors to white. So some models may seem to have a ‘texture’ still applied after you make this call but it’s really just colored vertices. you would have to call


if you want to white out any color applied to the model

The point is well I don’t know. My prof wants me to do it so I am just following orders.

Let me gently suggest that the people on these forums will be more likely to answer your questions clearly and accurately if you first understand precisely what it is you want to know. If you do not fully understand your professor’s instructions, perhaps you should go to him for clarification first.


Try opening the egg file in a text editor, such as Notepad. Look near the top of the file for the Texture section. It references a filename, which you can change to whatever you want. If you change the file name to empty quotes, this may do what you need, while still retaining the model’s internal references that there should be a texture. You should then be able to apply whatever texture you want.