Decal Effect not working under latest Panda?

Hi All,

I am having a problem with some signs rendering properly under the latest Panda. This worked fine under the old Panda (before the geom/DX re-write).

The signs look like such:

#sign background
GeomNode sign (1 geoms: DepthWriteAttrib TextureAttrib TransparencyAttrib) [DNACode DNARoot] E:(DecalEffect)

sign text

GeomNode baseline (18 geoms: DepthWriteAttrib TextureAttrib TransparencyAttrib)

and refuses to render in front of this wall polygon anymore:

GeomNode random_tc1_TI_wallpaper (1 geoms: TextureAttrib)

The funny thing is the sign is simply copied and transformed from the front of the building where it looks fine. When I move the sign in front of empty space or another polygon it looks fine too.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Would it be possible to narrow this down to a very short sample program, and send it in?