DDS file extractor

I have a DDS volume map which as 128 layers, I would like to extract it to a series of files. I look for tools on internet and find that most tools can only view or combine multiple files into one DDS, not the other way round. I tried a GIMP plugin but it is not working on that DDS file (it just crashed).

Do you have any suggestions ?

Panda 1.6.0 will have full support for DDS textures, and you’ll probably be able to extract the different mipmap levels after loading such a texture in panda.

Wow, 1.6.0 is going to be really great release!

Oops, I don’t think Panda’s DDS reader currently supports 3-d textures. I actually wasn’t thinking of those when I wrote it; I was just thinking in terms of compressed 2-d textures.

It won’t be hard to add this support, though. Maybe I can add this in time for 1.6.1.


Looks like it takes a while for 3D texture support to be available. In the meantime, any good tools or library you can advice, so that I can extract it for the current panda ?

I don’t know. I’ve always used the GIMP plugin without problems, but then I’ve never tried to load a 128-level texture. I wonder if GIMP itself can handle 128 different layers without crashing. And if there are mipmaps, then there would be 896 layers! So it might be no wonder that it crashes in GIMP.

Can you email me your troublesome dds file, so I can see if my new texture code can load it properly?


I have received the dds file, and I confirm that the code I have recently added to Panda does in fact support this large volumetric texture.


Thank you !

In the meantime, is the cvs 1.6 version ready for building in Windows XP ?

No. You’ll have to wait until 1.6.0 comes out and use the thirdparty packages from 1.6.0 - sorry for the inconvenience.