d3dx9_29.dll is missing any ideas?

Hello to all,

I’m running vista RC1 and most games i try to run tell me that d3dx9_29.dll is missing any ideas???

Well, it looks like DirectX 9 may not be installed.

d3dx9_29.dll is the dll of the dx extension. It is only shipped with a specific dx sdk version. You can google for a download because this is a very common issue. In general its up to the dev to add this dll from his dx sdk.

But how does this problem relats to panda3d?

Since many players are facing the problem of “d3dx9_29.dll Not Found” after logging into XMO. Here are one of the solution i found on other website may help you.

because C:\Windows\System32 doesnt have the “d3dx9_29.dll”
so you may browse to this webpage- http://dllcentral.com/d3dx9_29.dll/9.11.519.0000/download/ ,
then “Click here to go to the download of d3dx9_29.dll” to download it.
it will automatically direct to download page, and click “Download d3dx9_29.dll”, it will download the “d3dx9_29.zip” ,unzip it and paste into C:\Windows\System32
you’re done!

This is terrible advice. The best solution is simply to install the DirectX9 runtime, which you can do from microsoft.com.

But, again, this whole thread appears to have nothing to do with Panda.


Well afaik not every dx sdk has none but one for the version specific dll. So one would have to know which version has the correct dll. By the way placing the dll into the bin path or every other PATH which is searched for dlls would be sufficient.
But I propose to close this thread.

This DLL should be in the DirectX runtime, installing the SDK is not necessary at all. And as far as I know, the runtime does include multiple versions of the DLL.

Installing the latest DirectX 9 runtime should suffice.

I had the same problem not so long time ago… what i did is i replaced/overwritten the old d3dx9_29.dll in the system32 folder. Depends on your sys. version you should search for the path where is placed the .dll file on your machine.

That should help i hope :wink:

The best solution as David points out is to go here:


and download their dx9 runtime.