Custom shape windows

Is there a way in panda 3d (requesting the the os or not) to allow custom shape windows? Or a way to request for no borders? I know there is one to disable the resize so I figure there was a way to request for stuff like that. Not sure what to request if I could tho…

I did do some research and notice wxpython offers it also, but what should I prepare for if I was to install this and run it with panda? Will they have issues?

Don’t want to jump the gun if panda offers a way to talk to the OS to request the no border control see as panda useally has everything you need :stuck_out_tongue:

You can stop the border showing up by putting “undecorated t” in the config file. You can also set the shape and position of the window with
“win-origin x y” and “win-size w h”.

You’ll probably want to look at this … ng_Panda3D

Sort of… have you seen wxpython? They actully have a way to shape the window. Remove the border while still keeping the title and a bunch of other stuff.

Thanks for "undecorated t’ option tho… I seem to oversight that option when I was reading the page. It’s just not the same tho… Oh well… I’ll see what happens when I use wxpython with panda :slight_smile: I think I’ll have to pass some stuff along to it.

[how to make a unregular window shape in panda and wxPython)