Custom Scrollbar background problem[solved]

Hi again, this time I have messed with directscrollframe scrollbars, I have changed the thumb,inc and dec buttons, the problem is which I still have the scrollbar default dark grey background(the one which the default thumb slides upon and were the default inc and dec buttons stay on top), how can i get rid of it?

My custom scroll graphics are smaller than the default scrollbar size also, how can I reduce the scrollbar x size?

Thanks again

You can set verticalScroll_relief = None and horizontalScroll_relief = None to hide the gray background of the scroll bars.

To make them thinner, set scrollBarWidth = 0.06 or whatever thickness works for you. You have to set this at construction time. If you want to adjust it later, you can adjust verticalScroll_frame and horizontalScroll_frame accordingly.


Thanks drwr, this is just what I needed!