Custom DirectEntry look

Hi there,

i am making a game and have a separate login window using CustomTkinter (awesome library) but i just remembered that i can use Panda3D’s own DirectGUI system to do that, saving a library and “unifying” the systems that are in use.

I was looking at the DirectEntry page but i noticed that there isn’t any option to add an image as a background to that entry. For example, if i want to not make it square and white but something like a nice black rectangle with rounded corners and white text, how would i do that?

The manual pages for specific DirectGUI widgets only list the keywords specific to those widgets, I believe. They in general should also, however, respond to the keywords of their parent-classes (e.g. DirectFrame in this case), as well as the keywords common to DirectGUI (as listed on the page that introduces DirectGUI).

Thus you should be able to use the keywords found on the following page:
And I imagine this page, too:

Thanks, i will try that and let you know, but please allow me to say that this is the only forum i’ve ever been on where someone replies to you with relevant and useful information in less than ten minutes. Thank you.

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Hahah, it’s my pleasure! I’m glad if I’ve helped! :slight_smile:

And, well, I just happened to be around right now! If you’d asked a few hours later, I might have only seen your question some hours still later!