Current Developing MMORPG

Hi guys.

Me and my colleague have been working on this project from about a year in the free time we have. The idea is MMORPG written on python.
For now we support huge world, nice characters and basic their animation, party, quests, battles, items, chat, basic weather system.
Some of the ‘advanced’ panda features are animations, wearable equipment, LOD for models and actors, huge geomip terrain, collision system for people and camera, picking 3D objects, pathfinding, shaders.
The project consist from server and client parts - both written on python.

The video shows some of the features.

I hope you will like it :slight_smile:

Very nice. It seems like you’ve prototyped most of the major features already, and there’s a lot of world in that video. If you want to add detail textures, normal mapping, or fogging to that terrain shader I’d be glad to port over some of my work in for you.

That looks pretty awesome! Nice work!

Are you using PandAI for pathfinding or something else?


Glad to see you like it :slight_smile:

@AnimateDream - We already have that features, but maybe the small resolution of the video does not show them nice.

@SirGolan - We are not using PandaAI, because the pathfinding is in the server and the server does not run Panda3D.
This issue is written from @deflected - the other developer in this project.
If you have questions about the pathfinding method he is the person who can give you answers how is implemented.

Gotcha… That’s pretty much the same reason MV3D doesn’t use it. :slight_smile:


I like the mountain :slight_smile: keep it up pal

I would be so lost trying to do an MMORPG. I know the manual has some info on it, but I think it’s a lot more complicated than what’s in the manual. I mean, how do you get a sever app and client app to update together (communicate) with python code?

Even if I figure out how to do that one day, I wouldn’t attempt one. An MMORPG is too big of a project to do alone.

Nice work. Looks like you have a lot of the features already working. Much better design order than my MMORPG project which is still stuck screwing with fancy graphics and no gameplay!

I’m looking forward to seeing how this project progresses. Good luck!

If you are comfortable with C, the network is pretty much the same. There are some basic and good examples about server-client communications with python in internet too.
You are right MMORPG is big project, but this is a challenge which will improve your programmer skills. :wink:

That’s why we decided to first start coding and when the bigger part of gameplay is covered to invite some designers to the team and make the game really beautiful.