Cube map goes fubar

When I attempt to apply a cube map to planet_sphere.egg.pz from the solar system model I get this:

This happens both in 1.7.0 and in the buildbot versions.

When applying a normal texture everything is fine. What might the problem be?

Cube maps require 3-d texture coordinates. Normal textures require only 2-d texture coordinates.

Since the sphere model has only 2-d texture coordinates, you will need to either use a different model, or create 3-d texture coordinate on-the-fly as described in the manual.


Oh nice! However I ran into another problem. All the textures are mirrored. Is there a way to flip the texture coordinates or should I just mirror all the textures?

Edit: It also looks like the coordinates are being set 90 degrees off (northpole pointing to the sun). I have to set the mesh to self.mesh.setHpr(0,-90, 0) to put it upright.

You can call setTexScale with one of the parameters to -1 to flip the texture coordinates.