Creating Polygons in Panda and/or figuring out dimensions?

I’ve been hunting around, thinking “it’s gotta be possible to do this”… But so far, I’ve hit upon nothing, both on the forum or in the guidebook. So is it possible to create polygons, faces, or vertexes in Panda? It would make creating collision boxes for a floor a lot easier if I could, you know, generate the floor (I’ve been failing at making a decent floor which is more than a flat plane in blender anyways) using the same coordination system.

Failing that, another issue I’m having is with units. Specifically, in blender (and in panda) everything is given in numbers, with no actual units. Can I assume that these are the same? Is there any way to get Panda to spit out the distance between two points on a polygon?

Hi, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

You can find information on how to generate visible geometry in the manual section titled “Procedurally Generating 3D Models”.
However, you can not generate collision geometry that way. You can do this by creating CollisionPolygon objects. If your floor is (mostly) flat, you might want to consider using a CollisionPlane instead, these are much more reliable.

Units in Panda3D are user-defined. In the particular case of the Chicken exporter, one blender unit equals one Panda unit.

it would be very inconvenient to make that geometry in panda, though, even if you could.

And yeah, ‘units’ in Panda are what you wish, if you want you can consider 1 panda unit to be 1 meter and build your world based on that.

Thanks! That seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll look into it a little bit closer later, when I have more time.

I already read up on the collisionpolygon pages. :slight_smile:

All right, good to know. :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch.