Creating models, but texture won't show

I’ve been making a few models in blender, and I’ve been saving them as X files(also tried egg and dae), but no matter what I do I can seem to get textures to show in pview(yes ive tried toggling texture).

I tried using colors and texture affects(no imported images), but it just shows color. So I then tried UV Mapping, that did the same thing. I’ve tried multiple texturing methods, but no matter what same thing happens.

I’m completely stumped, I haven’t been able to find anything about modeling for Panda3D. Is there something that has to be done to attach the textures with the model in my script? What am I doing wrong?

hm well it’s not that hard. it boils down to 3 steps:

  1. UV-map your model.
  2. assign a texture image(using the uv-editor or material tab but make sure you use UV as mapping input there)+(no blender-plugin generated stuff, it must be a file on your harddisk)
  3. export it. ( and try to make sure your texture pathes in the egg file are correct so it can find the texture)

if everything went right. the texture should load automatically in pview aswell as in your script.

[EDIT]; oh and… welcome to panda3d :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll make sure that the model is pointing at the correct texture. I’m assuming Blenders UVunwrapper is safe to use, and that the texture features work also(like maping an image to a model).

I’m not much of a modeler, I’m more of a programmer, but I’d like to use my own art.

have you defined a material for those models? if so check if the path point correctly there as well - if you’re again in trouble just go here and download the .blender package you’ll find, cos there is inside working models with textures and also bone rigs to toy with.

Well, the textures work in blender. I UV mapped it properly, but for some reason they don’t show in pview. So possibly when I export it to x it losses the texture?

do not export to .x files.
use the chicken exporter to export your models into eggs directly.

and btw, egg files are readable. check the first lines of it. there are the texture paths.