creating a ground

I am trying to create a ground. It must be flat, in the (X,Y) plan and it must represent a map of the world.

I created a box with a texture and with setScale(1000,1000,0.01) but it doesn’t work : nothing is displayed. I guess this is because my box is too big (for it works with setScale(100,100,0.01))

Do you have an other idea to create such a ground ?

just use several smaller cards and tile them together to a floor. i think you can use the cardmaker for this.
10x10 cards should be ok. to get an idea about how large you have to scale your cards you should look at your far-clipping-distance value.

Thanks. I’ll look at it.

However, I first tried to use cards, but it created a conflict between them and my collision class (which is pretty much the same as the Picker class in the manual). When I get back to this aspect of my program, I will post what the error is.