Create pusher in the format of object

Good Night…
Please, I need to help……
I created a collision from object.egg whit this command………

<Collide> Box01 { Polyset descend keep }

How can I put a collision “pusherâ€

Thanks, I see the Collision Detection example and the labyrinth.
I have the following:

[img] … EBxji2yDNs


The object indicate I move with the mouse. This it I put a collision from object.egg

<Collide> lego_coli { Polyset keep descend }

I want to move the object, and when I put down it in the another, the object beat, As had to find a wall.

I try create a collision “pusherâ€

I think you are trying to add your walls as a “from” object. But usually walls should be “into” objects, which means you should not add them to the traverser.

In fact, the only types of solids that make sense as “from” objects are generally CollisionSphere objects that you create by hand, in Python code.


Sorry, How can I use a collision “intoâ€

An “into” object is any collision object is an object in the world, which your “from” object will test for collisions. Please read the Panda3D manual section about collisions; it talks about the difference between an “into” object and a “from” object in some detail.