Couple questions on GLES2 in Panda3D

Does the latest snapshot compile with this supported by default or do I need to change makepanda to include the gles2 lib?

Is it currently functional\stable?

Which snapshot are you talking about? Some snapshots are compiled with support, some without. Which platform?

You shouldn’t need to change anything in makepanda when building with gles2 support.

I haven’t tested it in a while, so I don’t know if it still works.

Latest windows. Will it work without having to make any changes then?

No, sorry, I have never built with GLES2 support on Windows. There has been someone doing this before, though, I advise searching the forums.

I did search prior to posting this thread. However, all I could find was outdated information for compiling on other platforms and a useless thread about trying to compile open gles2 and panda with cygwin and msvc9 in a very obscure way.

Just searched again, the 2nd time didn’t yield any better results.

So gles2 is neither included nor currently supported in the cvs rep as of now right? This is interesting to me because my search did actually turn up a shred of useful info. I found some makepanda output posted by users and it appears that GLES2 is, in fact, an option? See below.

[color=blue]“Makepanda: Omit Pkg: GLES GLES2”

Would be incredibly grateful if anyone could help me figure out how to activate this ‘latent\hidden’ gles support in panda. Or at least find out if it exists or not.

It is supported, I’m just not sure if makepanda supports building with GLES support on Windows. It does on other platforms.

Also required is a display module written to combine the GLES renderer and the EGL code on Windows.

I can remember there was someone on the forums who built with GLES support on Windows, and also wrote the required display module. I don’t remember if I included his changes in the codebase.

That is music to my ears. Then I should be able to compile it on a linux system or with my virtual machine without issue, correct?

Aha then it must be the thread here I found earlier after all. From the looks of it, nothing was ever fully completed or implemented. I guess the only thing left to do now is try it and see what happens.

Sure. Many of the Linux builds we offer are already built with OpenGL ES support, when the distribution provides a GLES library to link to (like the later Ubuntu versions).